DIGOO DG-TH8988 weather station with external radio sensor

We also observe a 5-segment signal quality indicator from an external sensor. It is possible to set the maximum temperature value and the minimum, at which the station will notify you that the temperature has reached
to your value, but for me this function is useless In the calendar, the date, month and day of the week, which can be set to Russian Of course translated crookedly, but everything is clear. The station is powered by 3 AAA batteries
Instruction in English Operating mode from -40 to 60 The Chinese once offered me to take one weather station for review. Plus for the fact that it is color, or rather, it is an imitation of a color screen, just a color film is pasted, but still much nicer than b/w screens I also have a room thermometer from those times.

The parcel went for 2 months already, I thought that I would not receive it and informed the seller that the parcel was lost, but to my surprise it came.
Before writing the review, the station has been in use for 2 weeks, there is no rain or snow, but clouds and sun are constantly on the screen, although the weather outside is sunny and cloudy, but the result at the station does not change.

I decided to compare the accuracy of the temperature shown by the station. Of the dignity, of course, this is a remote sensor and a color screen.
Temperature Having disassembled it, I noticed that there is no moisture protection on it at all, so I wrapped the joints with electrical tape For example, I live in Donetsk and it is 700 km to Kyiv and the sunset/sunrise in Kyiv and Donetsk is different The screen lights up for a few seconds and then turns off automatically.
Well, actually the dimensions
If you look at an angle, the visibility worsens, but it is quite legible, except for blue ones zones, they are less visible
In the barometer 2 units of measure are millibars / hectoPascals (range 800-1100 mB / hPa) and inches of mercury (23.62-32.48 inHg). I don’t want to criticize the station too much, but the clock is the only thing that shows exactly without errors. The last thing we see on the screen is the arrows that notify us of the temperature change, where every half hour the current temperature is compared with the temperature that was 3 hours ago.
Weather Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
So you should not forget when you wrap the sensor with adhesive tape or with electrical tape that you do not need to close the technological holes at the bottom of the sensor, as there will be errors in temperature and humidity In this review, I will talk about the weather station DIGOO DG-TH8988 with a remote sensor.
The error with the thermometer from the times of the USSR and the station was 1 degree Well, I don’t think it’s that critical. There are 3 trend fronts: uptrend, steady and downtrend.
At home I have only Soviet thermometers, on the street like this, I think you all should recognize it
Technical characteristics of the weather station
Of course, I really liked the screen. The error was almost 2 degrees Ukraine-Kyiv, Russia-Moscow, so you cannot choose any city. It is very inconvenient that millimeters of mercury are not
are supported, but there is a table with which you can convert units of measure.
Also, the barometer shows data in the form of a graph consisting of 6 segment columns for the last 12 hours. hours, minutes, seconds, alarm clock. Shows what the weather is like outside. But I want to thank Sergey Yatsenko who provided his own translation in Russian.
Sunset and sunrise I put a minus for the fact that it is not intended because of its shape in order to hang it on the wall only on a table or shelf. There is a backlight button on the top. A good signal level will allow you to place the sensor from the station anywhere in the apartment. When the batteries in the sensor or in the station have a weak charge, the icon of a flashing https://jiji.ng/lugbe/20-chairs/royal battery will appear, as for me a very useful feature.
The next 2 windows are the temperature and humidity both indoors and outdoors. It has a small shape with a red LED that flashes every 50 seconds, thereby sending data to the weather station. It burns constantly and when you press the backlight button, it goes out. There are very few cities. As for me, the signal level with the sensor is good, the station works in any part of the apartment

DIGOO DG-TH8988 weather station with external radio sensor

We’ve figured out the station, now let’s move on to the remote sensor. If the weather station is powered by batteries, then the screen is always off and to turn on the backlight you need to press this button. If the station is powered by a USB cable, then the opposite is true.
You can also connect via the supplied USB cable (1.5 m long) for constant power from a PC or any charger for mobile phones (5v and 1A). Well, we immediately proceed to unpacking. If you take the weather station in your hands for the first time and the instructions in Russian, then it will take no more than 10 minutes to completely set up the station, everything is very easy, it resembles an old control clock. There are errors both outdoors and indoors
There are 6 control buttons on the back The choice fell on DIGOO DG-TH8988 because there was a remote sensor. Sunny, overcast, rain or snow.
Hello everyone. A beautiful color display, much nicer than b/w screens because of the multi-colored zones, it is easy to navigate at night or when drunk, everything is clear and clearly visible Barometer Clock To be honest, I liked the station, but in terms of errors it looks like a huckster who sells mobile phones and claims that they are all working and not buggy.
On the reverse side there is a hole for a nail was hung on the wall The usual equipment is a weather station, a remote sensor, a USB cable and instructions in English The product was provided for writing a review by the store. Advantages and disadvantages For the price, the station shouldn’t be wrong, so I think it’s overpriced. The sensor is powered by 2 AA batteries The screen is divided into 6 zones. let’s analyze them in order

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