Men’s Timberland Field Trekker Mid Boots

But there were no problems, I added the address of the intermediary, paid with a personalized Visa card and the next day they sent the order. This is how they look on their feet.
In general, I used to naively believe that eminent Western manufacturers, if elements of different colors and textures are already visible on the sole, then these are really inserts from different materials.
In comparison. I quickly looked up prices on other sites, for example I decided not to impregnate the laces. The boots with the box weighed 1.5 kg, I paid $19.5 for delivery to Kazakhstan. If someone needs it, here is a photo of the insole with a tape measure.
The insole is simple, flat – declared as OrthoLite®, that is, at least there is protection against unwanted odors. I checked it in practice – at the very least, water rolled off the suede, and the skin and fabric were absorbed. Actually, the description mentions Defender Repellent Systems® treatment, but I read in the reviews that the boots absorb water like a sponge. I bought the boots in the summer, but with the review I had to wait until the fall to wear them at least a little. In my opinion, the most problematic place for operation is the light suede inserts next to the sole. They were sold at one time on the official website for $60. Thanks for And it led to the purchase of 5 pairs of different quality at a bargain price, instead of one pair, but very good.
Here is the description from the official website. I can say that the boots are of high quality, comfortable, but you should not be fooled by the words Trekker and Hiker in the title. But now the outsole can simply be painted, as is the case with the "specks" on the lateral surface of the sole and the black "overlay" in the heel area. Having bought them for 42 bucks, I am not at all disappointed, I got smart shoes for the city.

The tongue is decorated with a branded suede insert. Before writing the review, I looked at Amazon and the official website, there are almost no shoes in stock. That is, they are comfortable, as in house slippers or simple sneakers on foam. At that time, the price did not fall below $100 anywhere.
What does it feel like to walk in these boots? They have a simple EVA outsole and that says it all. So, noticeable wear will have to wait quite a long time, which is why I wrote a "early" review. So decide for yourself if it’s a good habit. I decided in advance to thoroughly impregnate it so that the dirt does not stick. This was my first purchase on Amazon. The green hexagon stands for Green Rubber technology. While rummaging around, already used to and resigned to the design. This very skin the cat cried: on the toe, heel and in the region of the eyelets for lacing. The shoes weigh only 520 g. In terms of temperature, they are comfortable at 5-10 (it has not been colder yet), at 15 and above, it’s a little hot for me in them.
Some time ago I had a habit of browsing Ebay and Amazon for great deals on Timberland shoes. For example, the transitions from the central green part to the black toe and heel are done very casually. The shoes were also supposed to separate a piece of cardboard, but they didn’t report it))) Now the water rolls off the shoes everywhere, I hope the dust and dirt will not linger either

For example,
That’s all.

The tongue is equipped with textile flaps on the sides.

Men’s Timberland Field Trekker Mid Boots

If they were sent to me without a box, I would pay only one kilo for delivery. I have a foot length of 29.5 cm, and I chose the usual size 12US.
The laces are of sufficient length. To keep the suede and fabric from getting dirty quickly, I decided to treat the new boots with an impregnation.
And here is the leather insert on the toe. But if someone bought them for $100 for hiking …
They have a unique design.
Let’s move on to the fitting. The protector is not so "evil". Periodically, they slip on Ebay, at relatively modest prices. It turns out that not such a long season is suitable for use – dry weather at temperatures from 0 to 15. Inside orange lining with a thin layer of foam underneath and a white non-woven insole. The laces are flat, bright orange. In our country, at best, a month of such weather is collected in spring or autumn. Kosyachki are only with the painting of the sole. In general, the quality of the boots is very good. So these are not hiking boots, but sneakers for outdoor activities, as they called it in the Russian store.
The cardboard was found in the form of mold holders.
Although the boots are claimed to be made from pure leather. It’s interesting that on the Russian site they are already called not boots, but sneakers for outdoor activities Do not know how
about water, but at least sand will not get inside when walking in nature.
models on the box.
Since the boots are smartly gaudy, the big Timberland inscription on the heel doesn’t bother me at all. So there is catastrophically little information about any Timberland product, except for the famous yellow boots, in Russian – I decided to tell you about my recent acquisition. Decided to take it. Treated with impregnation, as it should be three times, with drying of each layer. And as usual with Timbs, I feel that there is an extra 0.5 cm in front (this is not a problem), but in width in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe little finger the boots are back to back. Before putting the original laces back in place, I tried on the brown ones from Merrell boots.
This is what the boots look like.
Inserts are black, judging by my experience – from leatherette. One fine evening, I came across some overlooked shoes on Amazon for only 42 bucks.
Label with dimensions.
My reseller does not get rid of the packaging. And at one time I saw it for $40 with free shipping in the USA.
And a few more unnecessary photos from all sides. Inside, usual for the brand, film with useful information. But any support of the foot is not felt, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe inner arch of the foot it is generally too loose.
Although I don’t know such originals, for $100 there are a lot of offers from specialized travel brands. Maybe once upon a time it was.
This is what the sole looks like. This is how it looks in my opinion
more harmonious. But for a long time I wanted hiking boots (just in case), and for this money, without any special discounts, you can only find a rather suspicious hi-tec.

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