Nonda ZUS review: smart charging in the car

Nonda ZUS review: smart charging in the car

Nonda ZUS review: smart car charging

While the whole world is still trying to comprehend and digest the meaning of the phrase "Internet of Things", devices that can connect in one form or another to the Internet via a smartphone appear every day. One such new device in the new digital world is Nonda’s ZUS car charger, which is based like most similar start-ups in Silicon Valley. Its creators set out to create the best car charger, which does not burn in fire and does not sink in water, gives out the correct current, and also remembers where the car was parked.

The video presentation of the gadget says that the charging contacts use a titanium coating, it itself is certified according to the military standard MIL-STD-810G. Materials of the German concern Bayer, known to us from aspirin, are involved in its production. The gadget has already received IF and RedDot design awards in 2016.

ZUS advantages include a reversible USB connector that allows you to plug in a cable (by law, meanness, of course) not the third time, as usual, but the first time. It’s even surprising why I haven’t come across this yet, and equipment manufacturers don’t use it everywhere, because it’s so convenient. Especially considering that the charger is connected to the cigarette lighter socket somewhere under your feet, where there is never enough light to see everything carefully. The developers also focus on the backlight, but it is not so strong that I notice a special difference.

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Charging ZUS produces a current of 2.4 amps per socket, which is certainly good. For those who are not in the subject, this reduces the charging time of the phone, and even more so the tablet, by half. What is important for a motorist, especially if, like me, he uses two permanently connected devices at once – a smartphone as a navigator and a DVR.

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Of course, for our conditions, the problem of finding a car in the parking lot may not be so acute. But in the United States, where the vast majority of residents use cars from the age of 14, this is more than relevant. Those who have been there know that there are many parking lots in the country, and they are huge. This is not only parking at shopping centers and supermarkets, but also near any office. And finding a car may not be such a small problem. It looks something like this: long endless rows of cars. And if from a bird’s eye view you can see everything perfectly, then from a human height you can see only a few cars in a row.

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Of course, our most inquisitive readers in the world know about the existence of a wide variety of applications for determining the location of parking. There are two popular examples of such programs in the Google app store: Car Finder AR (costs a dollar) and MyCar Locator (the version with banner ads is free). I remember that the Garmin-ASUS A50 smartphone six years ago had a similar function. For obvious reasons, it was positioned precisely as a navigation tool, but it didn’t cause much furor among buyers, although I’m sure those who used it will now remember it with warmth.

Google Assistant also automatically saves parking spaces, but to be honest, it works for me (for now, anyway), which is called "every other time." All these Google Now tips are automatic and it is not always easy to understand the logic of Google’s algorithms. Therefore, sometimes the assistant shows the parking place, sometimes not. Despite the fact that I never turn off the GPS in my smartphone.

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The appearance of Nonda ZUS and the operation of the application of the same name on the video:

It is, of course, easy to use a branded application, due to its monofunctionality. It’s nice that the process of pairing with the gadget is probably the easiest of all that I’ve seen. It’s even easier than with NFC. After starting and pairing (which, of course, you only need to do it once), the application determines the car and the direction to it is determined automatically. The button with a timer allows you to set a reminder – this will be needed if parking is paid and you need to meet the paid time period.

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