QC3.0 charger instead of cigarette lighter in Ford Focus 3

In order for everything to fit well, you need to finish the case a little with a file.

We take the whole block with us and go home to disassemble. Since, if you insert a charger into the cigarette lighter, then this whole structure will interfere with shifting gears.
Let’s take a closer look at the contacts and connectors. And so, we go into the car and remove the cigarette lighter housing, heated seats and cups all rolled into one! Charger purchased at my own expense. Press alternately in two holes and pull towards you.
I removed it with a flathead screwdriver, but you can use a special tool!

On the charger, I cut off the cover so that it would not come off over time.

QC3.0 charger instead of cigarette lighter in Ford Focus 3


Hello, dear readers. I threw out the second part, although it was possible to leave it and the elastic would tightly fix the charge when tightened. If you do everything in the winter and on the street, it would be nice to warm up the car, so that the wires become softer and more pliable. The cigarette lighter in the Ford Focus 3 is located directly above the wrist when shifting gears. But as practice has shown, everything is already fixed tightly, if you tighten the nut well.
Disassembled view. The parcel arrived quickly, without incident. P.S. First, from a plastic sleeve, then remove the sleeve itself.
It’s strange, but two wires of the same color (brown-white) go to the cigarette lighter. We take the whole block and go to the car. I did everything neatly with an engraver. Using a multimeter, I easily determined the polarity of the wires. Included are the connectors we need. Disconnect the battery, away from sin! Now nothing interferes and you can collect. Since the standard connector no longer suits us, we cut it to the very spine.
Everything is https://jiji.co.ke/388-satellite-finders held on by clips. Remove the old cigarette lighter. For a long time I wanted to change the cigarette lighter in my car for a charger.

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