Quick review of AOMEKIE AO 1005…

The most obvious solution is to look for Soviet school microscopes at flea markets. However, it turned out that in normal condition and complete set, unexpectedly indecent money is asked for them. Focusing is done by shifting the object table. But, judging by the reviews in the lot, I was not lucky. I decided to give him a microscope for NG. I wrote to the seller about the availability, he said that the subject will be on sale in February. Well, I thought, “the East will help us” and went to Ali. The height of the microscope is 24 cm, the dimensions of the base are 10×13.5 cm. Unfortunately, the lot is no longer available, https://jiji.com.et/repair-services/dstv and this model is not searched for by Ali (just in case, here is a link to the original lot, if the subject appears on sale again). The elder nephew caught fire in biology some time ago. 57.JPG» /> A little strains the gap between the halves of the body in the area of ​​​​the lens block.

Quick review of AOMEKIE AO 1005 teaching microscope with 70X-400X magnification

The kit is modest – a 10x eyepiece and a set of preparations are packed separately. So, if you like it, then be patient a little and you can buy on Ali. UPD apparently, the seller was in a hurry – the microscope is back in stock on Ali I found the same microscope on ebay, but the price is twice as high (link is in the review header). I think that much of what has been said below can be applied to her. Considering the plastic construction, this is better – if focusing was done by shifting the block with optics, it could become loose from side loads when changing lenses. Near the base is the focus knob. "Extremely scientific!" The box itself is nondescript – made of recycled cardboard, with a model of a microscope applied. The microscope itself is almost completely plastic, but the key assembly – the “carousel” for rotating lenses is still made of metal; also metal frames of optics, a slide holder, and, well, little things. It is very difficult to damage the goods during shipment in such protection. Inside is a foam shell that secures and protects the microscope and accessories. Also, in the manufacturer’s store there is a model for about the same price (the difference can be explained by the presence of tweezers and sample jars in the kit), with a different design and a slightly different magnification range. Alfred Bester "Tiger! Tiger!”
The review will be slightly superficial – there was not much time before handing over, and I didn’t want to dig deep so as not to break the gift. Packaging for a solid five.

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