Without Kevordo

Without Kevordo


The community creates an industry

What is Hub?

Hub is a UGC (User-Generated Content) platform, which combines cryptocurrency companies, authors, influons and end users. We believe that the community creates industry. Together with you, we are building a strong crypto community in the post -Soviet space and believe that the best advertising is an examination. Hub residents publish high -quality and interesting content based on real achievements and failures. We compare a digital economy with a deep cosmos, where Hub is an ISS with which research modules from different spheres are joined. Thus, Hub is a multi -purpose research complex, in which opinions and discoveries are divided freely, the interaction is built naturally, and development is put at the forefront.


Variety of beliefs and knowledge

On the HUB site, companies from different segments of blockchain industry are found, with unlike experience and views. Therefore, the team of the platform does not have a consolidated position – we are for a variety of opinions, beliefs and knowledge. The founders of Hub deliberately made users the owners of the territory. You can meet here an adventurer or mercenary promoting other people’s ideas. We do not exercise ideological control and do not edit the author’s content. Hub task is to grow a community that can critically evaluate information and make a free choice.

Hub – a site for research

Hub team materials are published on behalf of the platform and have an identity of the brand, you will not miss them

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Hub – young platform,
But we have already achieved a lot

  • Among us are cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms, mining pools, investment institutions, search engines, technological companies, analysts, insurers, marketers. We grow together with a cryptot and constantly adapt to a change in the information environment;
  • Popular authors, content makers, inflouenserers and independent analysts flow to us-all who are looking for a platform for free expression;
  • We do not edit content, and the materials on the platform are updated under the influence of user interests, so they are always relevant;
  • Hub content is structured by thematic communities (bitcoin, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and others), which simplifies work with information and increases the effectiveness of targeting.


We have a unique audience

  • We do not buy traffic and do not use the services of arbitrators and exchange networks. We honestly analyze the statistics of the resource and regularly test the ways to attract visitors and increase involvement through social networks, cross -platform publications and other marketing channels;
  • Initially, Hub works for Russian -speaking users. Most http://coin-graph.website/?m=202207 of the Hub audience lives in Russia, Ukraine is in second place. We are configured to involve visitors from other countries and multi -language;
  • HUB developers are constantly improving interfaces for the convenience of the audience and increasing the average duration of the session.

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What are the residents say about us?

“What the team does through a hub is perhaps not quite a visible step, but significant, for it is the decentralization of experience, thoughts and knowledge as such. A bow for this opportunity, but the main thing is that you can honestly write about the problems of the industry in the media, which earns on the news of this very industry ".

Vladimir Popov IT-lawyer. The author of the Web 3 channel.0 News

“The hub became for me the opening of the year – finally there was a platform where the Russian -speaking audience is concentrated. The Reserve Bank Over the year, we tried different formats of materials, looked that it comes better to readers, and that the audience ignores and write it is not worth it. In the new year I promise to write more, translate the best and keep the quality bar ".

Aleks CTO/Founder at Coinindex

“Forklog Hub is a unique platform that allows me not only to share valuable information with readers, but also to receive feedback and suggestions for improving content”.

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